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  • Official Debut: Awkward Animal Portraits!

    I’m very excited to share with you the launch of a brand spanking new harebrained project! WOOOOHOOOOO! After much intensive behind-the-scenes work and top secret scheming with partner-in-crime in this feral endeavor, Jessee Maloney, we are proud to reveal our brand new Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) quilt pattern series! Beginning today, we will be releasing […]

  • My New Design Class Launches Today!

    BIG FUN NEWS!!!! I’m SO excited to announce my new class, Designing Patterns That Work: Creating Motifs for Products, launching today on Skillshare in collaboration with Spoonflower! If you’ve ever wanted to try pattern designing for the first time or to expand on what you already know, I think this class will be perfect for […]

  • What Prezzies are You Makin’?

    I know there are a slew of folks running around shopping their faces off today. I also know there are a slew of folks who are busy hand-making gifts today too. Like many people, I’ll be doing a combination of store-bought and handmade gifts (I will not, however, subject myself to crowds of mayhem, so […]

  • Happy Monday!

    Got the Monday blues? How ‘bout now? Awwwww, yeeee-ahhhhh! *I looked for the creator’s name all over the internetz to give proper credit but found nothing. 🙁 If you know who made it, let me know! In the meantime, well done, anonymous pattern dancer maker, well done. 

  • Strike!

    I’m SO excited to reveal a new design that just debuted at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City last month. Remember this tease? Well, be incensed with me no longer, for the dangling carrot has been removed from its string and is now being handed to you in all its Big Lebowski glory: I’m very […]