Tag: random DIY

  • Running on Fumes & Scrubby Mitts

    Yup, still. Still running on fumes. Isn’t that what they mean when they say, “NOW we’re cookin’ with gas!!!!”? Because I think that’s what they (whoever *they* are) realllllly mean. Either way, I’m working on various design projects at the moment….a business card here….a company holiday card there….a logo design, a collateral brochure, a stack […]

  • Sprucing Up a Chair

    I’m much better about making things and getting projects done for other people. Somehow if it’s for myself, it takes ages, even when it’s a simple thing. For a few months now I’ve been perching on the seat of my studio chair which consisted of an unattractive slab of egg crate foam loosely skating around […]

  • There’s DIY and Then There’s DIY

    No, this post really has nothing to do with anything other than sharing a fascinatingly handcrafted item I spotted when I was out and about yesterday. I happened to glance over from my car and saw this sight… Simply hilarious.  Three Nerf Noodles, a gob of plastic zip ties and plastic twine all lashed intricately […]