There’s DIY and Then There’s DIY

No, this post really has nothing to do with anything other than sharing a fascinatingly handcrafted item I spotted when I was out and about yesterday.

I happened to glance over from my car and saw this sight…


Simply hilarious. 

Three Nerf Noodles, a gob of plastic zip ties and plastic twine all lashed intricately together and topped off with some sort of fluorescent strips. 

I mean, that’s a whole lot of effort for something that has negligible effectiveness, don’tcha think?

There’s DIY and then there’s DIY. I love ingenuity but I’m pretty sure I would have stopped shy of actually executing this and then attempting to use it.

A for effort, though!

It did get me thinking…a nicely padded hand-quilted version of a bumper guard, on the other hand…now that might be something worth exploring.