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  • Current Tinkerings

    Before I find January gone, I thought I should post a quick sampling of some of the things I’ve been working on. I’m intentionally trying to give myself no rules with this new batch of experiments because I know I’m typically prone to extensive premeditated concept-driven project ideas and I’m wanting to indulge that other […]

  • Now Here’s Something to Meow About

    Listen up, all you CAT LOVER PEOPLE FOLK out there, because this is a very important ameowouncement!!!!!!!   Another hot-off-the-printing-screens SK design is up and ready to be hoarded (*insert mental drumroll here*): CATS!! Kindly feast your eyes on nothing short of 100% wall-to-wall jam-packed cat-tastic goodness in huggable rainbow cotton. And hello, it coordinates brilliantly […]

  • Holiday Present Blocks! [aka A Wonky Cross Block Hack!]

    Tomorrow is the start of Winter Break and there’s less than a week til Christmas. Gah! One thing I have managed to (almost) finish in the St. Nick of time is this little fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project I concocted the other week and was dead set on getting done before another year passed. It started with two […]

  • Back-to-School: Nap Mat Tutorial

    It’s just about that time, folks! Time to buy gobs of school supplies and get that brain ready to absorb as much juicy knowledge as possible. And in between all that, any kid knows that good sleep is a must. Enter the Nap Mat, the perfect back-to-school cuddly quilt to make your little child very […]