• Parfait of Awesome with Fresh Spoonflower Sprinkles

    You know that moment when seemingly disparate parts of your world collide together ever so sweetly into a unifying eureka mash-up? Just nod if you have no idea what I’m on about. Sip some coffee. I’ll explain. Stay with me here. As a designer, I like to think I make clear, conscious decisions about the […]

  • Couple O’ Quick Things

    I love illustrating recipes and maps. I wish I had more time to draw up more, but I’ve been lucky recently to create one of each for the great site They Draw and Cook (TDAC) and sister-site They Draw and Travel (TDAT).  First up is my recent set of three potato-centric recipes for TDAC: And […]

  • TDAT Shoutout (Right Back Atcha!)

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!  I was so tickled to see this recent e-shoutout from the lovely Nate and Salli over at They Draw and Travel… Ummmmmm, can I say a giant Y-E-S  P-L-E-A-S-E to a set of these cups? Seriously, somebody get on that stat, because I smell the perfect gift!!!!! Fine, I can give some to other people […]

  • Hangin’ Out in Chicago

    Hello, good people! Hot enough for ya? Don’t answer that. I know this is only day two of crazy high 90-degree temperatures here and it’s too early to complain (you and I know it’s never too early to complain), but hey, when you’re moving around in a bleary-eyed, semi-conscious state in the roasting humidity, it’s worth […]

  • Finished Recipe Illustration

    Happy lazy Sunday afternoon!  A perfect time to daydream about yummy food, no? I thought I’d share with you my finished recipe illustration that I mentioned last week. Here it is in its final full color form…voila! It’s also in all its glory over at They Draw and Cook. Head on over there and take a […]

  • TDAT’s YouTopia

    You may recall I was a finalist in last September’s Cooking 4 Kids challenge hosted by the awesome crew over at They Draw & Cook. Well, their sister site, They Draw & Travel (and btw, if you know me, you know I’ve done both of those a fair amount) just closed their submission period for […]

  • One of Six…Woohoo!

    Mornin’ sunshine! Just woke up to the fun news that my Banana Strawberry Cashew Shake recipe is 1 of 6 recipes in the Featured Collection over on They Draw And Cook’s main jumbotron. The collection is called ‘Contest Winners! (1st place is Apple Smiles)“ and will be features from September 15 to September 18, after […]