Taking Breaks

When you’re busy working on projects and need a break, what do you do?

If you’re me, you’ll consider eating chocolate like it’s a qualifying round for the next Olympics, possibly take a nap because the baby needs one and you need to keep him warm (even if it’s summertime), or do more work, but on a completely different project.

So when I’m knee-deep in a design and just don’t want to deal with a difficulty it’s presenting me, but I’m still in my feverish must-keep-making mode, I’ll pop over to another design I’ve started or take a wild stab at a fresh one (you know, because I don’t have enough windows open on my laptop as it is). It’s like the freestyle portion of a dance competition and it affords me the license to release the reins, play and experiment.


That’s what I did here. Taking a break from a batch of ongoing work, I jumped over to see what I could come up with for Spoonflower’s latest design challenge. With the random theme of a Midsummer Night’s Dream coupled with a restricted color palette, I figured, hey why not see what perfect strangeness I could get up to.

After briefly quizzing my husband, our resident theatre expert, about the play, I messed about long enough to come up with this pattern … ta-daa! Quirky, a little odd, and a perfect design distraction interlude. Done!

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming… 🙂