Timeless Treasures: Fresh New Designs | Part Two!

Another fresh new design of mine is out exclusively with Timeless Treasures!

Pssst, hey, can you see the creature it features?

Over there, over there! See?! 

It’s my Secret Ladybugs polka dot print in a juicy n’ jazzy red and black combo.

You can’t go wrong with ladybugs and polka dots, can you?

I d-i-d  n-o-t think so.

Four out of five ladybugs agree! Or at least these two Chatty Cathys do.

It’s not easy to tell here but the ladybugs are about 9" apart, making it a nice bold pattern that’s useable for oh-so-many things.

Keep an eye out for it in your local Timeless Treasures-carrying fabric shop!