Vampire Movie Night: Sneak Peek!

Lookie, lookie what’s coming out this month!


That’s right, my little popcorn inhalers, it’s Vampire Movie Night!

Finally, a fabric you can really sink your teeth into! Mwahahahaha!

Don’t know where to get it? Go to your fabric fabric shop and specifically request it. That’s the best way to let your shop owner know you love yourself some S-to-the-K fabric and you want some for your very own. 

Store owners order fabrics they think their customers like, so let your opinion be heard as that’s the sure way to have a shop stock your faves. For more details, go to the Timeless Treasures website, look for the fabrics you can’t live without and find out where to get some. So, don’t let time bite you in the a$$. Chop! Chop!

Okay, time to gush. I love this design. It makes me laugh.

A few of my personal favorite touches are the embroidered ‘V’ on this nervous vampire’s hankie:


Another fave is the glaring disdain oozing from this vampire over a certain somebody else’s cellphone babbling. Clueless.


I think she’s really me, in vampire form, because I’m a total hall monitor at heart. I have a masters in it with a minor in The Hairy Eyeball. 


This makes a great Halloween fabric, but if you’re also a movie buff or way into vampires, you might consider leaving your dank cave and venturing into the light to get some yardage of this. Just sayin’.

Woohoo, Vampire Movie Night for everyone!