Happy New Year (Nine Days Later)

Holy smokes, I feel so behind.

I know, I know, we’re a mere 9 days into the new year but you know, that whole holiday – end-of-year – everyone’s schedule is upside-down thing takes a while to right itself sometimes. Plus I have a charming cold that decided to be the cherry on top of my personal helping of Polar Vortex. Fun times!

So as I sit here with eyes that would rather be sleeping, I want to fire off tiny random firecrackers of happy (hey, if we can’t warm our fingers, let’s warm our souls) into the chilly atmosphere and say that YESSIREE, 2014 will indeed be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

There are a lot of great things brewing in my world and although I’m not really the superstitious type, I do love my even years. Maybe it’s a Gemini thing, who knows.

Here’s one fun thing for starters….I just found out I won the first design challenge of 2014 over at Spoonflower today! That’s a good sign of things to come, wouldn’t you say!?

And with that sweet spark of excitement, I’m off to have some tea and go back to bed. 🙂