Awkward Animal Portraits Series: Seasonal Special Edition


If you’ve been following along with our Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) quilt pattern series, you’ll know we’re now ready to humanely release our October creature, and in true nocturnal partying weekend style, a certain someone is oh-so-fashionably late, but as we know, better late than never.

So without further delay, please welcome our first Seasonal Special in the AAP series with a big round of wing flapping:  

This is BAT!


Here are some amazing BAT facts you should know: 

  • Bat is the only mammal that can fly. 
  • Bat can see with its ears. ITS EARS, we tell ya! 
  • Bat works hard to control pests.
  • Bat helps produce some of our favorite foods. 
  • Even though folks think Bat is more closely related to rodents, guess what? Bat is actually more closely related to humans. Yep, it’s true. 

Bat is also super cute, so in conclusion, kindly love Bat!

Finished size: 81” x 81”. PDF pattern available here.


Be sure to check back at the beginning of every month to see what Jessee and I have in store next in our intergalactically-renowned Awkward Animal Portraits quilt pattern series!

Enjoy! -xo, sk