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  • A Very Covid Christmas (Plus All Other Holidays and Basically Every Day This Year, For That Matter)

    A Very Covid Christmas (Plus All Other Holidays and Basically Every Day This Year, For That Matter)

    I decided to ring in the 2020 holiday season by making what seems like the most fitting ornament to embody this mess of a year…  Presenting The SK Commemorative 2020 Covid Ornament! Sufficiently grumpy and full of all the 2020 feels, if I don’t say so myself… I was planning on just posting a quick […]

  • By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    By Request! Social Distancing Tees

    Too soon? Likely not soon enough, if the truth be told. I got a request to design some social distancing swag and I’m here to tell you they’re up and available (for how long, due to virus shutdowns, I don’t know) on my Society6 shop page. I’m afraid I can’t control all aspects of the […]

  • Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Covid-19 PSA Posters!

    Whoa, okay so it really must be the end of times because I’ve dusted off the ol’ blog! Turns out Coronavirus/Covid-19 calls for more free downloadable poster creations, this time in the form of friendly PSAs (please stay awesome). My hope is to add a nice little batch here (so keep checking back for more) […]

  • Halloween Craftacular 2018

    Halloween Craftacular 2018

    Today I’ll be instructing a roomful of kids on how to make their own recycled golfball eyeball pendants. I love creating crafts that don’t involve the purchase of single-use craft store materials (glitter, resins, plastics, excess packaging that will all end up in the trash) but rather focus on the reuse of other familiar materials/objects […]

  • Recent Client Work: Totally Collectible

    Recent Client Work: Totally Collectible

    I created this action figure box-style photo op display for attendees to have fun with at the Singer booth during the Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle last week. I busted out some custom hand-drawn and drafted lettering too! It was a really fun project to conceptualize and design and from what I hear, it was […]

  • New Year, New March Posters!

    New Year, New March Posters!

    Okay, fine peeps, it’s a new year and time for more marching (because sanity! because fitness! because community!), so I’ve whipped up a new batch of posters for you to walk with, wherever you are in the world. Personally, I thought saying “Ditto from Last Year” pretty much sums up everything for me, hahaha, so […]

  • Awkward Animal Portraits Series: Seasonal Special Edition

    Awkward Animal Portraits Series: Seasonal Special Edition

    If you’ve been following along with our Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) quilt pattern series, you’ll know we’re now ready to humanely release our October creature, and in true nocturnal partying weekend style, a certain someone is oh-so-fashionably late, but as we know, better late than never. So without further delay, please welcome our first Seasonal Special […]

  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    If you missed it the other day, I posted Part 1: Rollie Spiders, which is an alternative way to recycle these same plastic apple cartons I’ve been mildly obsessed with wanting to reuse. Suffice to say, I was very pleased to come up with not one but two ways to repurpose those darn things before […]

  • New Posters: Defending DACA

    New Posters: Defending DACA

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the march posters of our lives…. Yep, fine friends, it’s time once again for a new freshly-baked round of posters. Here’s the latest batch: 1. No Human Is Illegal 2. Education Not Deportation 3. The Power Of The People Is Greater Than Then People In Power 4. ¡Sí […]

  • Time for Some New Posters

    It’s been a little while since my last batch of posters, so I figured it was time to make some new ones to share that focus on strength and positivity: two powerful quotes by Audre Lorde and James Baldwin; another by Fred Rogers for talking to children about horrible things that happen in the world; and lastly, […]