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  • Happy September! | Cops ‘N Robbers Debut

    Summer’s over. Yup I know. But hey, don’t feel too robbed because, guess what, these bad boys debut this month!  Keep your eyes peeled and be at the ready to identify these suspects in any fine fabric establishment that carries these Timeless Treasures exclusives! And remember, if your shop doesn’t have them, tell ‘em to […]

  • Great Gotham: In Stores Now!

    April is just about over and my new Great Gotham collection is out and available in fabric stores now!  If you have a thing for New York City, taxis, transportation, maps, and who knows, maybe even epically-detailed pen + ink illustrations, Great Gotham just might tick all those boxes for you in one fell swoop. Fuggedaboudit! Insider fun fact: When […]

  • Is It Spring Yet?

    Don’t answer that. No really, don’t. What I will happily acknowledge is that the March/April issue of Generation Q magazine is popping up on bookstore shelves faster than daffodil blooms can make up their minds. Although I still haven’t gotten my dirty little paws on a copy (arghhhhhh, I’m too impatient for this!), I did […]

  • Vampire Movie Night: Sneak Peek!

    Lookie, lookie what’s coming out this month! That’s right, my little popcorn inhalers, it’s Vampire Movie Night! Finally, a fabric you can really sink your teeth into! Mwahahahaha! Don’t know where to get it? Go to your fabric fabric shop and specifically request it. That’s the best way to let your shop owner know you […]

  • Remaking a Hat

    Yeah, so my morning began with being abruptly woken up by the shrill screams of betrayal and discontent. My blurry dry eyeballs adjusted to the trauma of sleep interruption and I walked like a zombie in an old-lady cardigan downstairs to find out what crime had been committed. Welcome to my morning. I arrived on […]

  • Virgin Quilt Market Voyage 2013

    Now that the dust has settled and regular routine is back in order, I thought I had better get on with posting my quickie run-down of my FIRST.EVER. Quilt Market attendance! First, let’s start with this little note I left on the dining table the night before my flight… After my lovely family dropped me […]

  • Zoooooooom!

    Oh, it’s so ON, people. Let’s DO this! *pssst…see another fun sneak peek here at the bottom of the page. Have you seen any pigs flying lately? Oink! Oink!

  • WIP: Halloween Costume Beginnings

    This is what happens when you completely sidetrack from everything else you’re working on and decide you need to get a headstart on at least one of your kids’ Halloween costumes while simultaneously using up fabric scraps that you basically hate.  See, I’m that person that does not turn down a “Hey, I’ve got a […]

  • The Randomness of Some Days

    You know when you start your day feverishly looking for a pair of your kids shoes that seem to have magically evaporated and not only do you not find them, but you wind up finding yourself randomly seated at your sewing machine, making not one but two window valances to replace the hideous window treatments […]

  • First Day of School: WOOT!

    Well, today was the first day back to school here and for our household anyway, it was a total success! No tears, no grumbling, no sour anything of any kind! Only joy and eagerness to see friends and get straight into that wonderful classroom. So much so, in fact, that I only managed to get […]