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  • Four Fun-Filled Organizers +1

    If you know me or my work by now, you know I enjoy making things that are slightly different. Things that maintain a useful element but also include some sort of twist or unexpected surprise.  Those are the types of things I inherently gravitate towards and get inspired by, so when left to my own […]

  • Olfa’s March Designer Spotlight

    Now that Spring is possibly staying ferrealz this time, you might be at long last itching to get started sprucing up, revamping and refreshing your home from all this winter hibernation nonsense. Shoot, I just want to open the windows and watch the curtains dance around. I’m easily entertained. If you’re the crafty type, you […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    True to form, I left my Valentine’s Day gift brainstorming to the absolute last minute. Given the self-induced panic that having zero time created, my newly acquired grey hairs and I are quite thrilled with the outcome: Ta-dah! A zippy take-along reusable tic-tac-toe game, complete with beanbag hearts and neon-stitched arrows to divide up the (reversible) board. […]

  • 2014 Halloween Review

    Halloween is over and thanks to things like elections, aggressive holiday merchandising and why-the-hell-is-it-so-cold-already weather, this post seems impossibly passé. But because every now and then I love being exuberantly belligerent, I shall charge on, write and post this bad boy because, it was ONLY ONE FLAMING WEEK AGO. So, for those of you remotely […]

  • Cops ‘N’ Robbers Crisscross Box Top: Tutorial

    Hallo, hallo! My Crisscross Box Top tutorial featuring my new Cops ‘N’ Robbers fabric is up on the Timeless Treasures blog today.  A super easy and cute project that I promise won’t consume your entire weekend! Who could ask for more?!

  • Stackable Ottoman Totem Faces!

    I designed these stacking ottoman totem faces for the debut of Spoonflower’s new gorgeous faux suede upholstery fabric! Thanks to Kate for sewing them up so beautifully and thanks to Spoonflower for showcasing them so wonderfully in great photos like the one above! Get the designs here and see more photos of all eight vibrant guys […]

  • Running on Fumes & Scrubby Mitts

    Yup, still. Still running on fumes. Isn’t that what they mean when they say, “NOW we’re cookin’ with gas!!!!”? Because I think that’s what they (whoever *they* are) realllllly mean. Either way, I’m working on various design projects at the moment….a business card here….a company holiday card there….a logo design, a collateral brochure, a stack […]

  • WIP: Halloween Costume Beginnings

    This is what happens when you completely sidetrack from everything else you’re working on and decide you need to get a headstart on at least one of your kids’ Halloween costumes while simultaneously using up fabric scraps that you basically hate.  See, I’m that person that does not turn down a “Hey, I’ve got a […]

  • Jean Knee Power ACTIVATE!

    I think clothing manufacturers giddily laugh their greedy little heads off knowing that a pair of hole-y knees in otherwise perfectly good pants will surely yield more pant sales. Well, that’s just rude. Kids are going to wear and tear up their clothing anyway, we know. Got it. Understood. But we also know that inevitably […]

  • The Randomness of Some Days

    You know when you start your day feverishly looking for a pair of your kids shoes that seem to have magically evaporated and not only do you not find them, but you wind up finding yourself randomly seated at your sewing machine, making not one but two window valances to replace the hideous window treatments […]