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  • Customer Appreciation: United Love Curtains!

    Want a quick way to spruce up a room? Aside from a good coat of paint, here’s another budget-friendly way to make a new fun space to enjoy. Sara used some of my Mexico Springtime: United Love fabric to dress up some curtains… How cute is that?!?!?! What a fun DIY project! Go check out Sara’s […]

  • Sprucing Up a Chair

    I’m much better about making things and getting projects done for other people. Somehow if it’s for myself, it takes ages, even when it’s a simple thing. For a few months now I’ve been perching on the seat of my studio chair which consisted of an unattractive slab of egg crate foam loosely skating around […]

  • DIY Subway Wall Art

    A year or so ago, after Spoonflower unveiled a custom decal printing option, I made up an entire alphabet based on the same look the NYC MTA subway system has. Why? Uh, hello, because my children love trains and love the subway, of course. Knowing we would eventually move, I stuck them up temporarily in […]

  • There’s DIY and Then There’s DIY

    No, this post really has nothing to do with anything other than sharing a fascinatingly handcrafted item I spotted when I was out and about yesterday. I happened to glance over from my car and saw this sight… Simply hilarious.  Three Nerf Noodles, a gob of plastic zip ties and plastic twine all lashed intricately […]

  • Must. Make. More.

    I know I told you about a fairly recent obsession with making pants for my boys after I finally dove in and tackled making my first pair (following a paper pattern) a few months ago.  Once that first pair was done, I was on a roll. I had tackled the elastic waisted front and thought […]

  • In Print: Threads Magazine

    I was interviewed a little while back by Threads Magazine and totally forgot about it until my friend Sarah told me the other day that she had seen me mentioned in her mom’s latest issue. I quickly got my hands on a copy, thanks to reader Rachel who popped one in the mail to me, […]

  • We Gotcha Rip Right Heyah!

    Dear Disney/Pixar/Mattel Marketing People, You really do want to make things more difficult for me, don’t you? Yes, yes, you know your marketing. *golf clap* I know marketing too, having been on the other side of that curtain for years and knowing many of your crafty little tricks for releasing, packaging and jazzifying your products to […]

  • Crafting with Kids (and Actually Enjoying It!)

    When you look around the blogosphere for kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft ideas (or any other theme, really), it’s hard not to lose your mind over things that, although pitched as being *great projects for little kids!!*, are in fact a total recipe for disaster.  A lot of the latest uber-crafting DIY standards seem to have […]

  • Etsy Craft Party 2012 Eve

    I decided not too long ago that I wanted to get in on the fun and host my own local Etsy Craft Party in conjunction with Etsy’s global event that’s put on every year. This year’s theme is ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the worldwide crafting party goes into full swing tomorrow, August 24.   In […]